The Ultimate Date Night in PVD

Ladies, it’s date night. You want to look cute and go get your grub on with your man, but you both can’t decide where to go. If your relationship is anything like mine, you sit on the couch for at least an hour trying to decide, then end up at your usual. If you live in Providence, or nearby, below is the perfect date night!

Warning: If you don’t like pizza, stop now, exit the page and never come back. Just kidding…maybe.

Stop one – Figidini. I’m not lying when I tell you this, it’s the best pizza I have ever eaten and if you know me, you know I’ve eaten a LOT of pizza. They serve it uncut, and literally hand you scissors to do it yourself. It reminded me of my uncle’s restaurant, I think that’s why I liked it so much. It felt like home! Be sure to make a reservation on open table or over the phone, it’s a small place and tends to be packed.


Our first pizza was the classic margherita. I took one bite, smiled ear to ear and felt a happy sensation all throughout my body. Sounds a little creepy, but all my foodies out there get it. Right? The creamy mozzarella mixed perfectly with san marzano tomato sauce was truly satisfying.

The second pizza is what hooked me. It’s called the ‘Nduja. Not knowing what nduja was, I quickly googled. Thank god for google. It’s a spicy, spreadable pork from Italy. The term “spreadable pork” might make you gag, but I promise it’s delicious. It’s mixed with Buffalo Mozzarella, basil and shaved garlic. Just writing about it right now is making me crave it…

Dessert is a must have on date night. In this case, we opted for liquid dessert at Sarto. Their espresso martinis are the BEST in Providence, the ambiance is trendy italian, but not too trendy where you feel out of place.


Now, head out to Downtown Providence to eat and drink until you need to unbutton your pants!

Stay Kind,

Alexa B