Spring Has Sprung and So Should Your Wardrobe

Happy Spring Peeps. If you’re like me, you’re excited for the sunny days full of exploring, but you’re dreading having to brighten up your wardrobe. I am NOT a colorful pattern girl, so I’m here to share my tricks with you! My first “springy” outfit was comfortable, simple and honestly, made me feel great. That’s what clothes are supposed to do, right?


Tip 1 – Denim is a simple way to brighten your wardrobe. Instead of picking up another pair of ripped black jeans, opt for the light ones. These are the perfect boyfriend style jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch. Linked a similar pair because these are out of stock!

Tip 2 – Pastel colored shoes! If you’re not on the Vans bandwagon, I’d advise you to hop on, pronto. They are comfortable and can be worn with really any outfit! These pastel pink vans were special edition and I’m so glad I snagged them when I did.

Tip 3 – The striped sweater. This one is from American Eagle & on sale, so get it while it lasts! It’s the perfect about of bright, with a few light blue stripes in between nude and blush pink.

Tip 3 – Incorporate a hat. You might not be a hat person, but I’m here to convert you. In this case, I threw this hat on because I skipped washing my hair that day. If you just said “ew” at that statement, you’re lying to yourself. You know you do it, too. Okay, back on track. This cute nude paper boy hat was cheap and the perfect fit.

Now go brighten up your wardrobe! Your closet (and me) are telling you!

Stay Kind,

Alexa B