#HNOTW – Nonna Style


Give me a hot second. I’m just wiping my tears away after this video. My #HNOTW is about a restaurant in Staten Island, NY called Enoteca Maria. This restaurant hires “Nonnas” to cook their own cuisine everyday.

It started out as just Italian nonnas, but then they realized that the world needs to bring people together now more than ever. Currently, the restaurant has nonnas from all different places including Argentina, Italy, France and the Dominican Republic.

This restaurant reminds me of my grandmother. She came from a small town near Naples, Italy and definitely didn’t forget to bring her recipes with her. It is very important to know where you came from and to be able to share that with the world is awesome! Sometimes we forget how important our culture and ancestors are to our lives. This week, let’s celebrate where we came from by digging up an old family recipe!

Check out their website – http://www.enotecamaria.com/wp/category/our-grandmas/ 

Stay Kind,

Alexa Besescheck

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