Keeping up with the Trends

Hello beautiful humans!

Are you ready for some warm sunny days? You know I am! This season it’s all about bright colors, pretty florals, slogan/graphic tees and denim!

If you are anything like me, you open your closet and see one color….black. Well, it’s time to spice up your wardrobe. Don’t be scared! I promise you’ll look fabulous. As you can see, the colors for this spring are absolutely amazing.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.45.06 AM

Below I chose to pair a lighter pink with a darker pink. These two colors compliment each other very well! The key is to pair a very vibrant color with a softer one.

IMG_0377(Top- Lace blouse by CeCe. Bottoms- Wide Leg pant by 1. STATE)

Florals.. For Spring? Groundbreaking. Miranda Priestly may think florals are out, but I’m here to tell you they are SO in this year. I am so happy that I took the risk and bought this dress. If you are looking for the perfect dress definitely shop at!

Floral Blog(Dress- – Hydrangea Haven Cream Floral Print Skater Dress)

Slogan/graphic tees are a necessity. You can dress them up for a night out on the town and down for a casual day of classes! Heck…you can even wear them to bed! The great thing about slogan tees is they are inexpensive and you can throw them on with literally anything. I made this choker style t-shirt jersey myself in a few simple steps! All I had to do was cut a triangle underneath the collar and voila! (Keep a look out next week for a tutorial on how to do this)

(Left- Two by Vince Camuto Chambray gauchos. Right- White Skater Skirt by Express. Shoes-

Now my favorite look, denim on denim. You may be thinking, “Why is everyone trying to relive the 90’s?” Well, you SHOULD be asking yourself, why not? This look is timeless and if done right can be a complete showstopper.

IMG_0358(Top & Bottom – Two by Vince Camuto. Shoes- Vince Camuto. Choker- Charlotte Russe)

Now that you have these trends it’s time to take the risk and try it out for yourself! I already know you’re going to look fabulous!

Stay tuned for next weeks post! Lets just say you’ll be starving after you read it 🙂

Stay Kind,

Alexa Besescheck

Pic creds go to my beautiful best friend, Alicia Dalrymple. Check her out rockin’ one of these trends!


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