Hello beautiful humans! First off, I would like to say thank you so much for visiting my blog! Keep scrollin’ to learn a little bit more about me!

About me – Hey heyyyy! My name is Alexa Besescheck and I am currently a senior in college. I am an aspiring marketer and I focus on two of the greatest things- fashion & food! If I am not running around campus, you’ll find me training for an upcoming race, recording music or lounging at a small cafe listening to the acoustic chill playlist on Spotify.

Why blog? – The inspiration for this blog started a long time ago. I have always taken risks and experimented with my wardrobe. Fashion is a way for me to express myself without actually having to say anything. To me, that is the most beautiful part of fashion. I was raised on amazing food. My father being a chef and my uncle’s restaurant are the reasons why I’m such a foodie. Food, just like fashion, brings people together and that inspires me. I started my Instagram blog @heels_and_meals last summer and ever since then I’ve wanted to create more content!

Blog 3

What to expect? – My focus will be fashion and food, but I may surprise you and post about something completely different one day! I love to share new pieces I’ve bought, upcoming trends and new restaurants I have tried. I’ll give you tips and tricks to spice up your wardrobe and even easy food recipes to try at home!

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Goals- My main goal is to inspire. I want people to go out and chase their dreams, just like what I am doing! I hope to get people to explore outside of their comfort zones because that is when you truly find yourself. I am all about spreading positive vibes, so you can always expect a laugh when you visit my blog! It really does start small. One blog can change the world….

Things that make me happy-

  • Making a stranger smile.
  • Thinking I ran out of bacon but realizing I have more in the fridge.
  • Spending time with my family.

Stay Kind,

Alexa B

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